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Creating a strong and prosperous community is the goal which we share with the government and other economic actors in our area. While our presence has already generated positive contribution to the local economies through provision of employment and stimulation of economic activities, we also provided direct assistance to our surrounding communities through our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) Programs.

Our CSR programs consist of four pillars:

Education is the window to the world and the great equalizer. Permata Group through its Permata Cerdas programs aims to improve access to education and knowledge for the locals (especially the underprivileged). We hope that a good education will enable them to go into the world and realize their dream. The Permata Cerdas program provide scholarships to outstanding and needy students, subsidies to the local schools, English language program and many other activities.

Health is a man first and greatest possession. Permata Group view health as the most important aspect in a strong and prosperous society. Through our Permata Sehat programs we aim to provide health services to the communities through provision of subsidies to the local health centers, free health check-up and treatment, blood drive, free mass circumcision for children, and many other activities.

Nature is our home. Permata Group understood that damaging the environment is the same as destroying our own home. That is why we, through Permata Group programs seek to engage with the local communities to help protect our common home. Permata Group programs are manifested through protection of HCV areas in our plantation, mangrove forest restoration, and many other programs.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. This is the guding principle behind our Permata Ekonomi and Sosial programs. We create economic partnership programs with local village government and youth organization and provide training and guidance to the local farmers.

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