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PT. Permata Hijau Indonesia and PT. Permata Hijau Palm Oleo, two subsidiaries of Permata Group, were awarded Indonesian Green Award in the categories of Nature Conservation Tourism Development, Biodiversity Development and Natural Water Resources Conservation.

Indonesia Green Awards is a leading CSR Award organized by the La Tofi School of Social Responsibility. This award is conferred to companies that are considered to have contributed to the betterment of the environment and society, with the ultimate aim to create a better future for Indonesia.

As a leading palm oil company in Indonesia, Permata Group is fully committed to carry out impactful CSR Programs that benefits the environment and the communities around our operational units. The award showed that our CSR programs which consisted of four pillars: Permata Cerdas, Permata Sehat, Permata Hijau and Permata Ekonomi & Sosial, conformed to the National and International CSR Standard.