Supplier's NameSyaukath Sejahtera
Date ReceivedSeptember 2020
DescriptionAlleged deforestation
22 Sept 2020PHG received information from RAN's report titled “Royal Golden Eagle Group Links Global Brands and Financiers to Deforestation In the Leuser Ecosystem” that Syaukath Sejahtera is buying from PT. Tualang Raya
23 Sept 2020PHG reached out to Syaukath Sejahtera for clarification
24 Sept 2020PHG suspended PT. Tualang Raya from its supply chain.
PHG received information from Syaukath Sejahtera that they have ceased sourcing from PT. Tualang Raya on 23 September 2020.
PHG also received commitment from Syaukath Sejahtera that they will no longer source FFBs from PT. Tualang Raya until PT. Tualang Raya has resolved its deforestation issues
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