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Permata Group believes in the many virtues of the oil palm. Oil palm is the most productive oil crop in the world. One hectare of average oil palm plantation can yield 4 ton of oil which is 6 times the average yield of rapeseed, 7 times of sunflower and 10 times of soy1. Oil palm is also the most energy efficient major oil crop with energy balance (energy output/energy input) of 9.5 compared to 2.5 for soybean and 3.0 for rapeseed2.

On the other hand, we are not blind to the negative impacts of irresponsible oil palm cultivation. Destruction of rainforest, peat degradation and fire, reduction in local biodiversity, land conflict and loss of local livelihood are examples of what could happen if oil palm is cultivated without regard to the environment and social fabric of the local communities.

To eliminate or mitigate the potential negative impacts of irresponsible oil palm cultivation, we have created a Sustainability Policy which will guide us in our operation and sourcing. Please see our policy here.

Additionally we have also created a supplier code. Please see our supplier code here

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  2. Palm Oil And The Environment
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