Supplier's NameSurya Panen Subur
Date ReceivedJune 2020
Description Alleged deforestation and burning on peat area
09 Jun 2020PHG received information through RAN's report titled “Will Nestle and Mars intervene to protect Indonesia's peatland?”
10 Jun 2020PHG started an internal investigation in response to the report
22 Jun 2020PHG internal investigation found that SPS which was extensively reported by RAN as problematic supplier was in PHG supply chain. PHG suspended all purchases from SPS
01 Jul 2020RAN released a new report titled " Permata Hijau exposed again for sourcing conflict palm oil" and lodged a formal grievance against PHG for buying from PT. SPS and failing to report it in PHG's mill list
02 Jul 2020PHG published an official statement clarifying that SPS had been suspended once it was found to be in PHG supply chain during the earlier
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