With regard to the ongoing investigation by The Office of the Attorney General of Indonesia into the alleged non-conformity in the issuance of export license to our export operation, Permata Hijau Group would like to issue the following statements.

    1. Permata Hijau Group is an integrated palm oil company which supplies both the domestic and export market.
    2. The alleged infringement is related to the domestic market obligation (DMO) regulation which was implemented in February 2022 and discontinued in March 2022.
    3. Permata Hijau Group has fully complied with all of Indonesian government’s export regulations including the DMO regulation and has provided full cooperation during the initial investigation by furnishing all requested documents and records in full transparency.
    4. Permata Hijau Group has provided full support to the various government programs aimed to alleviate the impact of the increase in cooking oil price. We participated in government-coordinated market operations by supplying cooking oils at heavily subsidized price.
    5. Permata Hijau Group respects the ongoing legal proceeding and will continue to provide full cooperation to the authorities.
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