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Jakarta 30 Sep 2023 – PT. Pelita Agung Agrindustri (PAA), one of Permata Group’s subsidiaries, won the coveted Subroto Award with the highest or “Aditama” distinction. Competing in the bioenergy producer and distributor category, PT. PAA placed second from a field of 17 biodiesel producers. Winning this award is a great honor and a testament to Permata Group’s commitment to sustainability.

Subroto Award was established in 2017 and is the highest annual award given by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to stakeholders who have excelled in advancing the energy and mineral resources sector in Indonesia in the past year. It has three distinction, with Aditama being the highest followed by Utama and lastly Pratama. The 2023 Subroto Awards were given to 62 winners from 14 categories.