24 June 2021: Permata Hijau Group (PHG) held its first online supplier workshop through Zoom Meeting in an adaptation to the new normal caused by the COVID – 19 restrictions. The workshop is part of our continuous engagement with our suppliers and provides training and experience sharing for our suppliers on sustainability topics. The event was attended by more than 70 participants.

The workshop opened with a welcoming remark and speech from Henry (Head of Sustainability PHG) and a speech from Fita Cynthia (Head of Local Trading PHG). It is followed by a presentation on PHG’s commitment to sustainability and PHG’s experience in implementing sustainability practices such as the creation of Sustainability Policy, Supplier Code, Supplier Risk Assessment and Traceability Questionnaire, Grievance System etc. The presentation is intended to provide insight, awareness and knowledge to our suppliers on what is necessary to promote sustainability in the palm oil industry and to encourage them to replicate what PHG has been doing and share it with their suppliers.

Next in the agenda is a training session on PHG’s Supplier Risk Assessment and Traceability Questionnaire. The questionnaire which is sent out annually to our suppliers is consisted of two parts: The supplier self-assessment form and the traceability forms. In the supplier self-assessment form, suppliers can share their progress on environmental, social, ethics and certification. The traceability forms provide a platform for our suppliers to identify, trace and declare their own suppliers. The questionnaire helps us in our risk assessment to identify higher risk suppliers which will be prioritized for monitoring, engagement and support.

The workshop is closed with a Q&A session, closing speech and a photo session.

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