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The fruits of Permata Group’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility are evident as one of its subsidiaries, PT Permata Hijau Palm Oleo, received the esteemed PROPER Hijau Award on December 20, 2023, in Jakarta. This recognition was personally presented by Bapak Maaruf Amin, the Vice President of Indonesia.

The PROPER Hijau award is given to companies that have demonstrated a high commitment to environmental and social management. The award is given based on an assessment of various aspects, including energy efficiency; greenhouse gas emission reduction; hazardous and non-hazardous waste reduction, reuse and recycle; water efficiency and reduction in wastewater; biodiversity protection and community development.

Out of 3,843 participants, only 79 companies were awarded PROPER Emas and 196 companies were awarded PROPER Hijau. Permata Group is proud to be part of this select few. This award is a milestone for Permata Group in its efforts to continuously improving its environmental management performance and becoming a leader in the sustainable palm oil industry.