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Corel Reefs are important to maintain the balance of the maritime environment, coral reefs are an essential component of the marine ecosystem. Numerous marine animals find refuge on coral reefs, which also protect the shore from erosion and storms, and provide vital resources for human existence, including fish and components for medicines.

Coral reefs are now threatened by a number of factors, including climate change, pollution, reckless fishing methods, and physical harm from human activities such as coastal dredging and infrastructure construction. Over 50% of coral reefs worldwide have perished in the past 30 years, and up to 90% may perish by 2050 (independent.co.uk). If this occurs, our seas will become less diverse and less attractive, and humanity will experience tragedies since coral reefs also contribute to the oxygen we breathe. Therefore, preserving coral reefs is crucial for maintaining the sustainability of marine ecosystems and human life.

Permata Group has partnered with the 1000 Reef Ball Nature Lovers and Conservation Organization in the “Coral Reef Conservation and Rehabilitation” program on Ketek Island, in the waters of the Mursala Islands.

“This program aims to restore the coral reef ecosystem on Ketek Island. In the future, we hope that the assistance from Permata Group can increase the environmental value and enhance tourism on Ketek Island,”Henry – Head of Sustainability at Permata Group.