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PT. Nagamas Palm Oil Lestari and PT. Victorindo Alam Lestari, the subsidiaries of Permata Hijau Group (PHG) won the 2nd place and the 30th place respectively in the Industry Hijau award from Kementrian Perindustrian Republik Indonesia. The awards were presented in a ceremony held on 30 November 2021 to honor the 88 companies which qualified for the highest level (level 5) of the Industri Hijau Award.

Industry Hijau is awarded to companies that achieve and maintain high efficiency in their production processes. The focus of this award is aligned with the Making Indonesia 4.0 program. The criteria of Industry Hijau emphasizes on the minimization of natural resources use, waste generation, carbon emission, and the company’s implementation of reduce, reuse, recycle and recovery (4R) program. Additionally, Industri Hijau award also aims to promote sustainable industrial development that elevates environmental awareness and social welfare.

Permata Hijau Group is committed to implement principles of sustainability in our operations. Various programs to reduce energy consumption, carbon emission, water use and consumption and others have been successfully implemented in our estates, mills and plants. PHG will continue to innovate and expand our sustainability programs to support the Indonesian Government’s Making Indonesia 4.0 program.