Supplier's name Teupin Lada
Date received August 2020
Description Alleged deforestation

1 24 August 2020 PHG received information from RAN's report titled “Fresh Evidence: Major Global Brands Refuse to Stop Sourcing Fire-Fueled Conflict Palm Oil, Despite Promises” that Teupin Lada is buying from PT. Indo Alam which is alleged to have conducted deforestation
2 24 August 2020 PHG reached out to Teupin Lada for clarification
3 28 August 2020 PHG received information from Teupin Lada that they have ceased sourcing from PT. Indo Alam on 25 August 2020. PHG also received commitment from PT. Teupin Lada that they will no longer source FFBs from PT. Indo Alam until PT. Indo Alam has resolved its deforestation issues. Teupin Lada also declared their readiness to furnish traceability to plantation information to PHG