Supplier's name Surya Panen Subur
Date received June 2020
Description Alleged deforestation and burning on peat area

1 09 June 2020 PHG received information through RAN's report titled “Will Nestle and Mars intervene to protect Indonesia's peatland?”
2 10 June 2020 PHG started an internal investigation in response to the report
3 22 June 2020 PHG internal investigation found that SPS which was extensively reported by RAN as problematic supplier was in PHG supply chain. PHG suspended all purchases from SPS
4 01 July 2020 RAN released a new report titled " Permata Hijau exposed again for sourcing conflict palm oil" and lodged a formal grievance against PHG for buying from PT. SPS and failing to report it in PHG's mill list
5 02 July 2020 PHG published an official statement clarifying that SPS had been suspended once it was found to be in PHG supply chain during the earlier investigation