Supplier's name Permata Hijau Sawit
Date received April 2020
Description Labor benefits/facility

1 08 April 2020 PHG received information from RSPO that a complaint has been lodged against PT. Permata Hijau Sawit by Federasi Serikat Pekerja Metal Indonesia (FSPMI) on behalf of anonymous PHS workers
2 09 April 2020 PHG launched an internal investigation to verify the veracity of the allegation
3 27 April 2020 PHG, RSPO and FSPMI agreed to activate the bilateral engagement process
4 08 June 2020 PHS and FSPMI conducted first bilateral meeting
5 24 June 2020 PHS and FSPMI conducted second bilateral meeting and sign bilateral settlement agreement
6 11 August 2020 RSPO officially closed the complaint against PT. PHS and the complaint is now in monitoring phase