Supplier's name Kallista Alam
Date received June 2020
Description Alleged deforestation and burning on peat area

1 09 June 2020 PHG received information through RAN's report titled “Will Nestle and Mars intervene to protect Indonesia's peatland?” that PT. Kallista Alam which is accused of deforestation remains in PHG's supply chain unacknowledged
2 10 June 2020 PHG started an internal investigation and put immediate halt to all purchases from PT. Kallista Alam
3 12 June 2020 RAN lodged a formal grievance against PHG for continuing to buy from PT. Kallista Alam and failing to report it in PHG's mill list
4 16 June 2020 PHG published an official statement on this matter to reaffirm its committment to its NDPE policy and laid out an action plan to rectify the mistake