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 Our core businesses are of oil-palm cultivation, processing and distributing palm oil, lauric oil  and fatty acid products worldwide. Established in 1984, Permata Hijau Group has started with oil-palm plantation and then down streamed the operations to processing and refinery. Presently, the group has become one of the major players in the industry with total sales for the year 2004 exceeds 800,000 metric tonnes of palm products.

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Permata Hijau Group (PHG), a fully integrated oil-palm corporation,was established in 1984, with core business in the oil-palm plantation, edible oil refining, kernel crushing, biodiesel and oleochemical manufacturing and distributing palm and lauric oil products worldwide. The commencement of our Biodiesel plant will deliver a renewable and sustainable source of energy products and our Oleochemical plant can provide a full range of Distilled and Fractionated Fatty Acids and its derivates. All of our products are Kosher and Halal Certified.


Our Success is attribute to our long term establishment in the industry, utilization of state-of-the-art technology for the factories, high economies of scale and the integrated nature of our operations to produce high quality and cost efficient products which we pass on to our consumers, suppliers and our community through value-added activities. We continue to serve our customers on a long-term basis, and to respo0nd to their ever changing needs and demands.

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Credibility & Integrity
We will continue to serve our customers better by setting the best standards for our products and people. We believe that mutually beneficial relationship serve long term partnership with our customers and suppliers.


Total Quality Management System
We continue to implement total quality management system to maximize human and organizational resources for daily productivity demands.


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